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Business Products

Business Products


We have selected to list the MOST SAUGHT AFTER kits that are needed by most business owners today. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. All Kits have $6.00 Shipping fee included in price.
All kits written and published by IWS since 1967. IWS is a member of the American Booksellers Association.
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K-15 Venture Capital Millions Kit $106.00/200 pages
Shows how to raise venture capital for yourself or for others. Gives steps for preparing an Executive Summary, business plan, etc. You can use the kit to earn large fees raising money for new or establish firms.
K-01 Grants and Fund Raising Success Kit $106.50/496 pages
Contents: Reading Guide: What Makes a Good Proposal? Using Grant Money Profitably: Getting Grants for Yourself and Your Firm; Typical Money Grant Offers for Study; What a FoundationLooks for When You Submit a Gant Proposal; Grant Money Sources-a listing of thousands of grant-making organizations; Directory of federal Government Programs; Directory of State Agencies and Authorities and Capitols; 7 Speed Read Books.
K-02 Franchise Business Success Kit $106.50/ 700 pages
Contents: Reading Guide: Comprehensive Report on Modern Franchises; Typical Franchise Ads; Guide for Prospective Franchisers and Franchisees; Franchise Agreements; FTC Report on Franchises; Profits from franchising; The Radical New Road to Wealth; The Basic Disclosure Document; Financing Arrangements: Financial Info About Franchisor; Use of Earnings Claims; Official Text of the Francise Rule; Information for Prospective Franchisees Required by the FTC; and more. 7 Speed Read Books.
K-03 Mail Order/Direct Mail Success Kit $106.50/600 pages
Reading Guide; Sources of Mail Order/Direct Mail Data and Information; How to Address Mail; Useful Mail Order Forms; How to Prepare and Process Export/Import Documents; Export Mail Order Techniques; How to Start and Operate a Mail Order Business; How Mail Order Fortunes are Made; Strategies of Mail Order Selling; Calculating Mail Order Costs, How to Test and Run Classified Ads; How to Score with Catalogs; and much more. 9 Speed Read Books.
K-04 Zero Cash Business Success Kit $106.50/ 876 pages
Reading and Study Guide; Zero-Cash Money Techniques; Licensing Agent Business; Six Guidelines for Licensing; Foreign Investment Checklist; Government Laws and Regulations; Financial Factors; Interbusiness Financing; Venture Capital -A Guidebook for New Enterprises; Handbook of Borrowing Money for Business; How to Buy and Sell a Business; Small Business Financing, a 57-minute cassette recording by Ty Hicks; 7 Speed Read Books.

K-05 Financial Broker/Finder/Business Broker Consultant Kit $106.50/485 pages

Contents: Financial Broker Guide; Business Broker Guide; Finder Guide; Business Consultant Guide; How to Take a Company Public; Government Regulations for Selling Stock to the Public; Executive Search Firms; Typical Financial Broker/Finder/Business/Business Broker Forms and Agreements for Loans, Real Estate, and Inventions; Lenders for Business and Real Estate; Directory of Small Business Investment Companies; 12 Speed Read Books.

K-06 Real Estate Business Success Kit. $106.50/466 pages

Getting 100% Financing for your Real Estate; Using Lease Options to Make Big Money; Finding 125% Loans Today; Getting started on Zero-Cash; the Easiest Real Estate Anywhere; Mortgage Broker Guide; Mortgage Banker Guide; Income-Property Operation Data; Raw-Land Purchase and Sale; Industrial-Property Operation; Real-Estate Financing Methods; 2,500 Real-Estate Loan Sources; Sources of Distressed Propeties; State Real-Estate Agencies and Administrations; Tax-Aspects of Real Estate Operations and Ownership; Keeping Accurate Records of Real-Estate Operating Costs; Profit Aspects of Vairous types of Real Estate; 6 Speed Read Books.





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